Cardinal Colors/Direction
As a myth, each of us has a direction that we come from
and head towards...
your direction is your source,
...and your destination
Now, you begin the journey into your signature.
These colors and directions are

The source of your inentions and the function of your being

your perennial function as a being, as a myth

and your source fountain of etheric and practical power you move through your life.
This is why the signature always begins with the cardinal color.The color and direction are very powerful for determining not only what colors look good on you (yes, its quite remarkable), but also in relating what grander elements and discernment you are revealing in this life.



Holding the power of the northern regions and the powerful winds of change and purity, White tribes are purifiers, and shine light into dankness, the light of truth. Often people of deep integrity, White tribes will assist in the calibration of others, and grounding.

Truth, clarity, unification, timelessness, order, spirit


Utilizing the power of the shadows, the dankness of night and the dreamtime, the playful mythos of the west are always the ones to stir things up and move things around. The mythos of the blue tribes transform their worlds, by one person at a time or in large groups. Blue tribes move the world and shake things up!

Transformation, intuition, energy, vision, magic, healing

Contained within the mythos of the red tribe is the power of inspiration, enrolling and the power to lead. Red tribes often spark new ideas, communities, and have a bit of flash about them. Red tribes are rather deft at sharp wit and sarcasm.

Initiation, beginnings, passion, flow, exploration, evolution


This mythos are the ones who expand, and enhance. Yellow tribes help with the follow through, completion and balance out the teams. Yellow tribes are the idea givers, and the inspiration. Able to speak their minds, yellow tribes have honesty as their greatest asset

Growth, expansion, influence, power, fearlessness, beauty, enlightenment



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