Whew, there is alot out there!

Most of the data I have l gleened so far is about the astronomy aspects and some about the 2012 prophecies.

I give you some links pages, and as I filter through them, I will categorize them. these are great jumping off points, remember if your hand (or brain) begins to cramp, its time to take a break!

2012 questions and answers

the 2012 page and mayan astronomy

Maya Astronomy

Randy Bruner's 13 Moon calendar site A wizard near the serpent mounds of Ohio who crafts a 13 moon calendar and knows a lot about it too!

Skytime's calendar page - My dear friends Team Merlin who publish an annual 13 moon calendar

Tortuga - Official website for the Planet Art Network and the World Thirteen Moon Claendar Change Peace Movement

PAN Scotland and a great crew of people! site speaks of herbalism and meditation

Saq Be' links page - indigenous cultural links

a long count info page - the long count is another tracking of the 260 count and Mayan calendrics

Mayan Calendric numbers & dates of importance


Space and affiliated topics

Dr. Boylan's Site - PHD and researcher devoted to revealing truths and edcuating people about ET's. great links (legitimate!) at the bottom of his main page.

A little Perspective on our place in the cosmos


Interesting places to roll around inside of a nice place to go to get a bit of info on alot of things/people/stuff

Leading Edge research Group - All the stuff you wondered about you can find anwers to here.
I mean ALL the stuff

E=±mc²=Thé Ðëòxÿríßøñµçlëìç HÿÞêrdïmèñsîøñ - alternative consciousness, commentary and concoctions of all sorts, the edge of psychology and um, most things

TRIBE- online community is where you may connect, I mean realy connect!

Robert Anton Wilson -what I love about this man is, he has a sign on his desk that states' If you think you know what's going on, you're probably full of shit'

The Theosophical Society -You know, the teosophical society

From the Wilderness -well researched perspectives on current political and economic influences

The Memo that shoots the hole in the whole thing

Human Design- a fascinating 'new' system for understanding more about ourselves.


CROP CIRCLES -Here is a informational booklet on Crop circles the you can download!

Need an alternative to Coffee? Free your liver from toxic bonds! Check out Jerba Mate


Here is a new section devoted to the working of the United States Government and for your exploration, and opinion formulation
What happened in Florida?


BeCausmic flyer page

hardware home