This is a great way to get started on the path, or as a daily practice for understanding the interaction of the tones and tribes!

Every day has a signature. Every day the signature changes. Every signature is composed of a tone and a tribe. There are 260 different possible signatures and combinations of the tones and tribes. This is called one spin or cycle of the Tzolkin (zol keen). As a starting practice, you can use the charts below to findout what is happening on any given day as long as you know the signature of the day.

So, here's how it works:
1. find out the signature of the day Tone and tribe
2. the tone asks what's happening for today
3. the tribe answers with the archetypal intrigue or movement for the day's energies
4. live through the day with the questions ansd answers running around inside your head!
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Every time a tone appears, it asks a question about how something is being created, managed or transformed. As each day, Wavespell, or moon cycle moves, the tones are always checking in on the progress in our lives. Notice where the Wavespell tones show up and watch all the levels of cycle unfold. In order to find the answers to the questions posed by the tones of the Wavespell , we consult to the tribes for the answer...


What is my Purpose?
How do I meet my Challenges?
How can I best Serve for the highest good?
What is the Form of my actions?
How can I best Empower myself?
How can I organize for Equality?
How can I Attune my service to others?
How do I live with Integrity?
How do I Realize my vision?
How do I Perfect what I do?
How do I Release and let go?
How can I Dedicate myself to all that lives?
How can I be Present to all that is?


...and Answers


The answers we seek are found in the symbols which represent the archetypes of human evolution. The twenty tribes are the wayshowers and benchmarks for this evolutionary process. For the signature of each day, answer the question of the tone with the phrase that represents the tribe. Through this alchemy of movement and measure, you will discover an entirely new way of interacting with the signature of each day. You will discover days that are very auspicious for particular activities, and the unfolding of each day attracts new energies and situations into our lives. Becoming aware of the unfolding synchronicities is a spectacular aspect of following these interlacing cycles.



Red Dragon
Being in my essence and nurturing everything

White Wind
Communicating my breath of spirit

Blue Night
Dreaming the intuitive abundance

Yellow Seed
Targeting awarenes and flowering my world

Red Serpent
Feeling my linstinctual ife force

White Death
Equalizing all opportunity in organic balance

Blue Hand
Knowing my accomplishments and healing

Yellow Star
Elegantly beautifying in an artful way

Red Moon
Purifying the flow within the universal water of life

White Dog
Feeling Love and loyalty from the heart

Blue Monkey
Playing magical illusion of life

Yellow Human
Influencing with my free will of wisdom

Red Skywalker
Exploring space with wakefulness

White Wizard
Being timelessly receptive of intuitive knowledge

Blue Eagle

Creating vision of the universal mind
Yellow Warrior
Questioning fearlessly, and intelligently

Red Earth
Navigating synchronistically for the evolution of all

White Mirror
Reflecting the endless order of all that is

Blue Storm
Catalyzing my energy for self generation

Yellow Sun
With the universal fire, enlightening my life


Tzolkin 101