The Elements of Your Signature

You are a Myth!

As you delve deeper into the matrix of the Tzolkin(zhol 'keen)and your signature,
you will begin to realize that ther are many, many cycles
all interlacing together to synthesize into the present moment.

So many moments all put together into an ever expanding now!

(This is how you say it in Pig latin 'Olkintzay')

This is similar to astrology, though it is more archetypal, and symbolic. With an archetype, therte is alot of room to grow into its identity/gestalt.

Why 'Signature'?

Each frequency of Light, sound and energy in the spectrum is unique...
Each of these unique waves is called a wave signature

Essentially, each of us is a unique energetic wave frequency
Your unique fractal wave frequency in the Dreamspell is called your Galactic Signature

The unique energetic signature of your personality and essential being is you as a Creative & Mythic force in the world…

Myths are now real, and they have pattern and codes

Your signature is composed of three major elements for your archetypal encoding:

Here's an example signature of a close friend of mine:

Blue Cosmic Monkey...



Your mythic source, from whence you came and where you shall return. the source of your inspiration and the driving motivational forces in your life.


How you create yourself in the world. The element or aspect of the creative process that you embody. How you contribute to all creative processes in your life and the lives of others


Your nature. the essence of your being, the mythos of your being your source and your archetypal nature.
Your fully incorporated and realized self, as a contribution to the ever evolving humanity.

All three of these elements combine together to form your signature. Source, creative aspect, and archetype.
Its all you need...

M a y b e . . .

As you look deeper into the meanings of the tone and tribe of your Signature, you begin to reveal the source of who you are, how you create yourself in the world, and what the essence of your journey here on earth is all about.

You can begin to see your archetypal characteristics manifest and grow through your interactions with other Signatures, whether they are the energies of a particular day, or acknowledging the Signatures of those around you.

Now, Explore the aspects of your Archetypal Mythos!

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