You are a Myth

You are an Archetype
who is constantly evolving and changing and recreating yourself.

Your signature is the energetic template or baseline for your personal evolution and transformation. As you live the myth of your life, you encounter other mythological figures on this journey. You can connect on a deeper more archetypal level with these mythological characters, if you know your signature!

As there are those along the path who can help you,

you can be a mythological example for others.

The more you step into your nature and the symbology of your signature, the more you can be an example for others. This is permission you give yourself to amaze yourself at how you can show up. With integrity, wonder, freedom, and potential.

Your myth is the experience of your life

Even myths make mistakes, otherwise there'd be no really cool shorelines!

You are the creator and storyteller and writer of the myth that is your life. By utilizing the mythos of the Dreamspell, you can make more conscious choices about how you want the story to unfold. Working with this mythos helps to make the unconscious conscious. It reveals our inner selves, and clears the path to reveal...

You are a source

you are a source of power, integrity and direction. You have a function here and that is evident because you are actually here! If you were just taking up space, you would quickly disappear, for nature prefers economy to extravagance

you also have an opportunity to create yourself

You are a Process

as if there really was a finish line! (he he he!)

this life is a process of creation RE-creation and transformation.

You are constantly recreating yourself...

and here are the steps of that process

attraction challenge activation defining empowerment balance inspiration harmony intention manifestation release dedication enduring

You are a Myth

your life is comprised of essential ideas and concepts that come together in a creative process to bring about...

birth breath intuition focus passion opportunity healing beauty flow love
magic wisdom wakefulness timelessness vision fearlessness synchrony reflection catalyzation enlightenment

An experience of synthesis

without duality. And you can experience of your life as. . .

A self regulating recreative non-dualistic mythological archetype.

Or you can just call it your signature!


Each signature has 3 major components,
one-the color or direction, which is the source of your personal power
two- the tone, or creative power
three- the tribe, which embodies an archetypal energy



Its more like a waveform signature than script. All energetic frequencies have what is called a wave pattern ‘signature’ that is unique to that specific beam/frequency of light or energy.

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