...So who says the univese is composed of a whole buncha random stuff...

Of COURSE there are rules, and beauty just happens to be one of them!
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Created by Anu Garg.

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How to use it?

Here is how you can use the controls in this Spirograph applet:

* The first three scroll bars in the control panel let you change R, r and O respectively.

* You can use the next three scroll bars to change the color of the drawing. These scroll bars change the red, green and blue values of the color (in the range 0-255) respectively.

* The last scroll bar lets you choose the number of iterations for the Spirograph. Move it to beginning and then slowly increase it to see how many iterations it takes to complete the spirograph.

* You can use the Random button to select random values for the radii and color. The number of iterations is not changed by the Random button.