the Creation Process

"We all have dreams and ways that we want to be but don't feel that we have acheived yet."


Your tone is how you create yourself

it is your contribution to the creative process. Any creative process.

We all fit in somewhere, and the tones help us to be more lucid to how we can more effectively contribute to the world and the lives of others.

You are are part of the Artful Process of Creation

This is the main component of how you create yourself in the world.
What you have to contribute to the creative process.
This is your personality presentation.

Each of us has some special skill, ability or talent that we can contribute to the world, and share. Some are great at starting things, some see it to the end, some are visionaries and others are planners, and yet others are builders. Knowing your tone enables you to be that much more effective and integral with your words and actions. The tone (and the tribe) reveals more about how we can consciously recognize our position and role in the synchronos of the universe, and how to be a better team player!

The tone aspect of the signature embodies your personality presentation. This is how you present yourself and interact with the world and how you relate to others. How you move through the world, your coping skills, as it were. How you handle situations, relationships, and problems is the nature of the Tone within the signature.

 The 13 Tones of
the Creative Process

Please notice that the 'names' are simply words which are used to represent the numbers. Its much more fun to say "Galactic Skywalker" than "Eight skywalker", I think.

Find your tone, and begin to synthesize in your mind how the tone and the color workwith each other. Soon we will add the Archetypal tribe or seal to the mix, and complete the essetnial description of your signature.

The English tone names are first followed by their Action word and then by their creative power function

[One] Magnetic --- Attract Unify purpose
Magnetics are the activators and the initiators of the wavespell and the powers of creation. You are an attractor of creative energy and power. You bring people together around you, catalyze movement and make things happen.
[Two] Lunar --- Stabilize Polarize challenge
The lunar tone knows that there is a delicate balance in the world that we are always walking a tightrope of wholeness and separation, of integration and release. Lunars can often be confrontational in the eyes of others, though you simply see it as a no nonsense way to be.
[Three] Electric --- Bond Activate service
You see connections and possibility where many don't, and then act on them. You are the current that electrifies situations. People who are electrics are often in careers of service to others, for you know the value of contribution to others and the long-term impact
[Four] Self-Existing --- Measure Define form
Self-existings love to have details and know about measuring because they are always checking on how things are taking shape, what form they are taking. You are often meticulous and will plan, and make lists for any project or trip you are planning.
[Five] Overtone --- Command Empower radiance
Overtones have a air of confidence about them which commands confiendence, admiration and respect. Overtones, much to the frustration of others, are rarely wrong. That's only because you do your homework! You find it important to help people to become more than they are by bolstering confidence and esteem of others.
[Six] Rhythmic --- Balance Organize equality
Rhythmics are excellent thinkers and are very good at assessing a situation for the ideal outcome and weighing all of the options. You often think of activities that others do not, and so create new possibilities in their world for exploring new realms of though and activity.
[Seven] Resonant --- Inspire Channel attunement
You are an inspriation to others, your commitment and integrity are often models that others follow from your example. You are also a great cheering section for those you love. You are committed to your relationships and often desire to dive deeper into relatiosnhips and feel more connected to those you trust.
[Eight] Galactic --- Model Harmonize integrity
Galactics often model or hold the ideal of a paradigm that they explore. They rarely bend the rules, except when it will benefit others or a group, and are a shinning example of whatever vocation it is that you choose. You are very thorough in your research on a topic, and quickly become expert at whatever you focus on
[Nine] Solar --- Realize Pulse intention
Solars are always looking for something new to do, you are looking ahead and into the future. Solars can pulse a wondeful energy about them, it is as though anyone around you can bask in your confidence and quietude.
[Ten] Planetary --- Produce Perfect manifestation
You are a project finisher, a manifestor, and someone people can count on to get things done. Planetaries will be people who pay attention to details, all the way to the end of the task, then on to the next project, perhaps a breather afterwards, perhaps not.
[Eleven] Spectral --- Release Dissolve liberation
The spectral tone knows the refined art of letting go and being present. You may lose track of time(not a bad thing!), because you are so present in your situation. Your type of personal organization is often a puzzle to those around you, don't let it bother you and don't let it bother them either!
[Twelve] Crystal --- Dedicate Universalize cooperation
You as a crystal, transduce energies so that we can all see that there is a universal meaning to everything. You are the keeper of the perrenial river of truth, and those who drink from it are your friends.
[Thirteen] Cosmic --- Transcend  Endure presence
cosmics have the patience of a great tree. Psychically, you have been thourhg most of what you experience around you, so you are often a good ear for others because of your enduring patience and perseverence. You can often see above the fray of emotional dramas, transcending the argument or conflict and offering calm, lucid, objective advice.


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