Mythos of the Sacred Tribal Kin

Deeper Nature

The tribe of your signature embodies the internal essence of your being, that which motivates you and the source of your intentions and accomplishments in your world. As we explore deeper into ourselves, it is revealed that who we truly are, is so much more than who we think we are in our day-to-day lives. The tribe indicates the pure expression of your truths and your ideals of what life means to you. Your actions are more of an expression of your tribe than your words, and what you create is more of an expression of your tone


Your Mythos

Imagine that you are a mythological being, you are a demigod, who represents for others a pure reflection of a particular quality. Now, without getting an ego around being a demigod, look deeper into the symbolic nature of your actions and intentions. The tribe represents the lesson you provide to others, and the greater lesson you are here to share in your life. As you recognize yourself more and more every day as a constantly evolving being, you will embrace the lessons your tribe can provide for you and share them.


If you feel as though the tribe doesn’t quite feel right to you, you may not at present be completely comfortable with your self-perceptions. Remember that these tribes are a pure expression of an idea, an archetype. If you have some personal issues you may request that the power of the tribe assist you in clearing out any of the self judgments you may have or loss of power you have in your own self. As you become more comfortable with yourself and step into who you really are, sloughing off the opinions of others and being true and honest with yourself, you will find your signature tribe at the center of your being. Getting out of your own way can often be the greatest gift you can give yourself. Utilize the tribes as powerful psychic windex to see clearly the clear symbolic nature of your essence.


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