Tzolkin Components

Because for most of us, myself included, were raised in modern society, we have this propensity for taking things apart. So, let's take the Tzolkin apart and see what makes it the warp and weave fo the cosmic timing frequencies!

We'll start with the numbers part of it, whcih is so elegant and amazing, then we'll get into the symbolic

1 Tzolkin =260 days

this one cycle is divided into numerous cycles
4 'seasons' of 65 days each
5 castles of 52 days each
13 Vinals or harmonic runs of 20 days each
20 wavespells of 13 days each

and within these cycles are even more...

IF you begin with the number 20

subtract 13 from it =7
subtract 7 = 13
divide by 4 = 5
divide by 5 = 4

if you begin with the number 13 (prime)
multiply by 4 = 52
multiply by 5 = 65

The main aspects we'll be focusing on are:

the wavepsell

the vinal or tribe count

the castle




questions and answers...

Tzolkin 101