The 13 Tones of the
Dreamspell Mayan Calendar

The English tone names are first followed by their Action word and then by their creative power function

[One] Magnetic --- Attract Unify purpose
[Two] Lunar --- Stabilize Polarize challenge
[Three] Electric --- Bond Activate service
[Four] Self-Existing --- Measure Define form
[Five] Overtone --- Command Empower radiance
[Six] Rhythmic --- Balance Organize equality
[Seven] Resonant --- Inspire Channel attunement
[Eight] Galactic --- Model Harmonize integrity
[Nine] Solar --- Realize Pulse intention
[Ten] Planetary --- Produce Perfect manifestation
[Eleven] Spectral --- Release Dissolve liberation
[Twelve] Crystal --- Dedicate Universalize cooperation
[Thirteen] Cosmic --- Transcend  Endure presence


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